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Yasir Usama


Yasir Usama


2004 - 2009:      B.A.Sc. (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
                        University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Research interests

High Voltage power system
Embedded Systems


[1] "Design of Novel Wavelet based Transient Detection Unit for In-Vehicle Fault Determination and Hybrid Energy Utilization,"Accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2011.

[2] "A Two-Fold Daubechies Wavelet Based Module for Fault Analysis and Voltage Regulation in SEIGs for Distributed Wind Power Generation," revised and resubmitted for second stage of reviews to the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2011.

[3] "Implementation of a Wavelet B Transmission Line Shunt Fault Identifier on a Low Emebedded System", to be submitted to IEEE Transactions of Power Delivery, 2011